Matt Chapman


I feel Chris Waller's criticism of Chapman was spot on, although Chapman's remarks on last nite were typical of a whinging pom, and we've had plenty of them on this forum since the turn of the century.
Well, personally, I am absolutely wetting myself with excitement waiting for the Everest to be run. AND Im not even a hugely rich breeder, owner, trainer or jockey. Which is really who horseracing is for worldwide.

What a joke the advertising of sport in Australia has become. Gotta luv the footy, gotta luv the races, gotta luv the cricket. AND the biggest yawn of them all was on sunday, the big Bathurst race, which generates millions of dollars into the economy, just like every other sport.

Without sport, Australia would have nothing;just a bridge and a rock. Every sporting event in Australia is marketed as though it was a giant party. Get legless, chase the lose women, who gives a stuff about the races.

Every sport whether it be the junior sport merry go round which we have all experienced, or the womens soccer, womens afl, womens nrl, womens basketball, womens cricket. all of this is just a con, one big con to separate the peons from their hardearned cash.

And we cant even play cricket any more, having to doctor the ball in an attempt to win. And soon we will have the mickey mouse A league starting up...yawn yawn.

Seriously, folks, keep your money in your pocket and go fishing, or read a book, or bake
a cake. Just think, what would Australia be like without sport? Its all we can hang out hat on.

Dark Dream


Does anyone know where this horse is?
I read that Paul Perry was training him, but
then he denied this. Is he still in Australia, or has he been transferred overseas, and gone for good?
It seems that a bookmakers terms and conditions are so tightly worded that they cannot be challenged.

My bone of contention applies to multi bets which include horseracing and sports legs. If a horse is scratched in my horse racing leg (not my selection but another horse) a deduction applies. Lets say ten cents in the dollar on the face value of the ticket. My issue is this:

Why should that deduction apply to say 9 sports legs when the rule for deductions is plainly created for racing only?

If my multi bet is paying say $1000 if all legs get up, the ten percent on the entire face value of the ticket reduces my collect by $100. This is just a blatant ripoff. The deduction should only apply to the horseracing leg, not a heap of soccer, afl and nrl legs as well.

Anyone got an opinion? Tilting swords at windmills perhaps.

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