Stan Smith



Link below to a short article in the Ballarat Courier about Stan Smith, a former jockey, now in his 90's.

Recalling the years of the WW2, there is a mention of a "handful of meetings a month" and "raceless Saturdays."

I nearly choked.

Raceless Saturdays. My God, but War is Hell.

What on earth did they talk about on Mondays?

All the best.

Sky Star Stable 2013 (Autumn)



Any chance of an R & S mini league this year?

I think the regular users of this fine website enjoy the chance to engage in our own league, as the last few season's numbers would suggest.

Generally the R & S mini league is one of the biggest,and very keenly contested.

Hands up all those who want to be in?


A real swimmer....



The Stewards are going to need a boat to get to the back straight at The Heath tomorrow, but I've found one who should excel....


Best of luck to you.

Ascot Day 2



Following up from a small success on Day 1, and in the absence of a formal lead from Mr Jones, OBE, (probably having to attend to matters regarding hand maidens,) here's tonight's throws at the dart board.

Only 3 races to bet on with the Vic Tote:

R2 Dysphonia
R3 So You Think, (saving on Carlton House if gets to $4)
R6 Devotion

I Say! Jolly good luck, old thing.

If you adore the noble beast, then you'll enjoy reading this, I think.

Copyright belongs to NY Times.


Soggy Sydney



Any residents of the magnificent Steak and Kidney give us some kind of weather/track update?

Any chance we won't be running Saturday?

Was there work at Randwick this morning?

What do ATC do? Hold the Group 1's over to the following week? Run the meeting mid week?

How are you getting your washing dry?

Geeze, but when it rains in Sydney it really persists down, doesn't it?

Jimmy Rocks!



It's been widely reported that Jimmy Choux has his own MP3 pumpin' out the tunes as he gears up in Honkers.

Any ideas what's on the playlist, bro?
First video link I've found.


Bolts in again.

The Cruel Game


Reckon you've had a bad day on the punt?

Consider this.

Damien Hunter (who I consider a mate) was 8 days ago on top of the world.

A young trainer battling away with a few slow horses, he had rejuvenated a horse called Zendi, cast off from another trainer for being hopeless on the flat, the horse was being hailed the next Karasi, by blokes like R. Smerdon, who knows a bit.

Zendi won the Galleywood at Warrnambool, and Damien described it as the best day in his life.

8 days later, Zendi is dead, having suffered a massive heart attack in his massive heart after work.

The chance to prove yourself, to cement a place as a Trainer with real talent, and to develop a base to move into the future, all cruelly ripped away.

And you know what?

Typically, like a true horseman, Damien's heart bleeds for his lost mate, not his lost opportunity.

There he was this morning, in the dark and miserable damp cold, working his other horses, trying to give them their best chance.

If any of you Owners are looking for a good, honest Trainer who won't cost the Earth, you could do worse than give D. Hunter, Ballarat, a ring. Wouldn't do his spirits any harm, either.

Beware the circling (whale) shark


Anyone else getting a bit nervous about what young Packer has planned?

First, buy a large chunk of 10 Network, and pull the plug on One HD.

Then today we have Senator Conroy stating that the Government is looking at the anti siphoning laws, and perhaps it's possible that Foxtel could buy more AFL games.

Here it comes sports fans.

Free to air sport on TV is an endangered species, being hunted out of existence by a greedy predator, in bed with a compliant Government.

At precisely the time when many sports are experiencing a real boost due to free to air coverage, while other sports need all the help they can get.

I'm interested in the Forum's views here. Is this just a fact of life in our modern lives? Should those of us who love our sports be prepared to cough up to watch? Or is this just a grubby new method of ensuring those who already have plenty, get more?

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