In the last decade the Melbourne Cup has become a truly international event.

Red Cadeaux
Americain won
for the French in 2010

In the last thirty years the Melbourne Cup has become a truly international event.

But since the early 1990's we have had overseas horses specifically encouraged to compete in our premier horse race and not just be trained here.

However overseas horses had tasted success in the Cup as far back as 1910 when Comedy King became the first "import" to win our major prize in racing.

Blackwood in 1924 was the second international horse to win.

Since 1978 we have seen a constant flow of overseas participation, be it by Australians purchasing overseas horses to aim them specifically at the Cup, breeding them to overseas time or by racing authorities offering inducements to get overseas owners and trainers to make the long journey down under.

The late Robert Sangster started the "new" trend back in 1978 with Panamint and then finally succeeding two years later in 1980 with Beldale Ball.

Imported horses to be trained here changed to be those who come to Australia to race with their current trainers from the mid ’90s. In more recent times those overseas trainers are starting to get a better idea of the type of horse required to win the Cup.

In the past the emphasis has been on the dour staying types of gallopers who can stay all day, ie up to 4000m.

However it has been shown that the best type of European galloper is one with form up to about 2800m - the distance of the Irish St Leger which Vintage Crop won before coming to Australia. Media Puzzle was a similar type of galloper before he came down for the Cup.

Americain showed in his Geelong Cup win he too had that dash as did his French compatriot Dunaden who blazed a similar trail in the same lead up race.

The really dour overseas stayers don't have the ability to sprint at the end of a 3200m race and have largely been a failure in Australia. Green Moon was raced in Australian interests but was originally a Listed Race winner with Harry Dunlop.

In 2013 the redoubtable Red Cadeaux was second again and in fact the first five home all started their racing careers in Europe while a year later it was the German horse Protectionist who beat old Red again.

2017 saw an all Irish trifecta with a European 3yo taking the prize as Rekindling won for Joseph O’Brien beating his father Aidan home.

It happened again in 2018 as the trifecta went to one country. England scored its first training win as Charlie Appleby gave Godolphin their initial Melbourne Cup success with Cross Counter.

So when looking at the imports we should focus on Group performers who has excellent form between roughly 2500m to 3200m.

2018  Cross Counter  WON  8/1  1.0L  Kerrin McEvoy 
 Marmelo  2nd  11/1  1.0L  Hugh Bowman 
 A Prince Of Arran  3rd  20/1  3.0L  Michael Walker 
 Rostropovich  5th  20/1  4.5L  Wayne Lordan 
 Best Solution  8th  15/1  8.8L  Pat Cosgrave 
 Muntahaa  9th  16/1  9.6L  Jim Crowley 
 Yucatan  11th  5/1  11.9L  James McDonald 
 Nakeeta  12th  80/1  12.0L  Regan Bayliss 
 Chestnut Coat  14th  66/1  16.3L  Yuga Kawada 
 Magic Circle  16th  6/1  19.8L  Corey Brown 
 The Cliffsofmoher  DNF  20/1  DNF  Ryan Moore 
2017  Rekindling  WON  14/1  0.4L  Corey Brown 
 Johannes Vermeer  2nd  12/1  0.4L  Ben Melham 
 Max Dynamite  3rd  20/1  2.9L  Zac Purton 
 Nakeeta  5th  40/1  6.5L  Glyn Schofield 
 Thomas Hobson  6th  20/1  8.8L  Ben Allen 
 Tiberian  7th  30/1  9.3L  Olivier Peslier 
 Marmelo  9th  6/1EF  9.9L  Hugh Bowman 
 Wicklow Brave  10th  66/1  10.7L  Stephen Baster 
 Red Cardinal  11th  15/1  11.5L  Kerrin McEvoy 
 Wall Of Fire  16th  10/1  15.8L  Craig Williams 
 US Army Ranger  18th  66/1  16.5L  Jamie Spencer 
2016  Heartbreak City  2nd  20/1  0.2L  Joao Moreira 
 Qewy  4th  20/1  6.8L  Craig Williams 
 Beautiful Romance  7th  66/1  8.0L  Damian Lane 
 Big Orange  10th  12/1  9.7L  Jamie Spencer 
 Oceanographer  12th  8/1  10.2L  Chad Schofield 
 Bondi Beach  13th  12/1  11.0L  Ryan Moore 
 Secret Number  21st  30/1  22.0L  Stephen Baster 
 Wicklow Brave  22nd  15/1  24.0L  Frankie Dettori 
 Curren Mirotic  23rd  50/1  27.0L  Tommy Berry 
2015  Max Dynamite  2nd  12/1  0.5L  Frankie Dettori 
 Trip To Paris  4th  5/1  2.1L  Tommy Berry 
 Big Orange  5th  60/1  2.5L  Jamie Spencer 
 Quest For More  9th  80/1  4L  Damian Lane 
 Fame Game  13th  4/1  6L  Zac Purton 
 Bondi Beach  16th  20/1  6.5L  Brett Prebble 
 Hokko Brave  17th  40/1  6.5L  Craig Williams 
 Kingfisher  19th  60/1  7.5L  Colm O’Donoghue 
 Sky Hunter  22nd  30/1  16.5L  William Buick 
 Snow Sky  23rd  50/1  18.5L  Ryan Moore 
 Red Cadeaux  DNF  25/1  DNF  Gerald Mosse 
2014  Protectionist  WON  7/1  4L  Ryan Moore 
 Red Cadeaux  2nd  20/1  4L  Gerald Mosse 
 Willing Foe  5th  30/1  7L  James McDonald 
 Au Revoir  8th  66/1  11L  Glyn Schofield 
 Seismos  9th  100/1  12.5L  Craig Newitt 
 Gatewood  12th  60/1  15.5L  William Buick 
 Mutual Regard  14th  8/1  17.5L  Damien Oliver 
 My Ambivalent  17th  30/1  25L  Andrea Atzeni 
 Royal Diamond  20th  100/1  48L  Steve Arnold 
 Admire Rakti  22nd  9/2  73.5L  Zac Purton 
2013  Red Cadeaux  2nd  60/1  0.8L  Gerald Mosse 
 Mount Athos  3rd  12/1  2.3L  Craig Williams 
 Simenon  4th  20/1  2.5L  Richard Hughes 
 Dandino  5th  9/1  3.5L  Ryan Moore 
 Brown Panther  8th  20/1  7.3L  Richard Kingscote 
 Dunaden  11th  60/1  8.8L  Jamie Spencer 
 Royal Empire  14th  20/1  10.5L  Saeed Bin Suroor 
 Ruscello  23rd  50/1  56.7L  Chad Schofield 
 Verema  DNF  16/1  DNF  Christophe Lemaire 
2012  Jakkalberry  3rd  80/1  2.3L  Colm O’Donoghue 
 Mount Athos  5th  13/2  3.3L  Ryan Moore 
 Red Cadeaux  8th  8/1  6L  Michael Rodd 
 My Quest For Peace  10th  16/1  6.3L  Corey Brown 
 Americain  11th  13/2  6.7L  Damien Oliver 
 Cavalryman  12th  30/1  7.7L  Frankie Dettori 
 Dunaden  14th  6/1  10L  Craig Williams 
 Galileo’s Choice  20th  15/1  12L  Pat Smullen 
2011  Dunaden  WON  15/2  0.1L  Christophe Lemaire 
 Red Cadeaux  2nd  30/1  0.1L  Michael Rodd 
 Americain  4th  4/1  1.5L  Gerald Mosse 
 Manighar  5th  40/1  3L  Damien Oliver 
 Lost In The Moment  6th  30/1  3L  William Buick 
 Fox Hunt  7th  30/1  3L  Silvestre de Sousa 
 Drunken Sailor  12th  40/1  8L  Dwayne Dunn 
 Moyenne Corniche  15th  30/1  8L  Brett Prebble 
 Saptapadi  16th  80/1  8.5L  Chris Symons 
 Jukebox Jury  20th  14/1  17L  Neil Callan 
 Modun  23rd  30/1  26L  Kerrin McEvoy 
2010  Americain  WON  12/1  3.0L  Gerald Mosse 
 Holberg  6th  20/1  6.5L  Frankie Dettori 
 Manighar  7th  25/1  9.4L  Damien Oliver 
 Illustrious Blue  9th  50/1  11L  Glen Boss 
 Mr Medici  10th  60/1  12.5L  Darren Beadman 
 Tokai Trick  12th  100/1  13L  Shinji Fujita 
 Campanologist  16th  66/1  19L  Kerrin McEvoy 
 Profound Beauty  17th  30/1  19.5L  Pat Smullen 
2009  Crime Scene  2nd  40/1  0.8L  Kerrin McEvoy 
 Mourilyan  3rd  20/1  2.3L  Glyn Schofield 
 Munsef  12th  50/1  6.4L  Zac Purton 
 Basaltico  18th  25/1  11.5L  Danny Nikolic 
2008  Bauer  2nd  20/1  0.1L  Corey Brown 
 Profound Beauty  5th  8/1  2.7L  Glen Boss 
 Mad Rush  7th  9/2  5.7L  Damien Oliver 
 Varevees  14th  100/1  11.3L  Craig Williams 
 Septimus  18th  6/1  20.5L  Johnny Murtagh 
 Alessandro Volta  20th  40/1  39.5L  Wayne Lordan 
 Honolulu  21st  20/1  89.5L  Colm O'Donoghue 
2007  Purple Moon  2nd  9/2  0.5L  Damien Oliver 
 Tungsten Strike  21st  30/1  53.9L  Darryll Holland 
2006  Delta Blues  WON  16/1  0.1L  Yasunari Iwata 
 Pop Rock  2nd  5/1EF  0.1L  Damien Oliver 
 Land N Stars  5th  200/1  7.6L  John Egan 
 Yeats  7th  11/2  8.1L  Keiran Fallon 
 Glistening  10th  80/1  10.4L  Scott Seamer 
 Geordieland  18th  15/1  28.7L  Frankie Dettori 
2005  Vinnie Roe  8th  15/1  5.5L  Patrick Smullen 
 Kindjhal  9th  150/1  5.6L  Dwayne Dunn 
 Eye Popper  12th  5/1  6.8L  Shinji Fujita 
 Grey's Inn  17th  80/1  17.3L  Weichong Marwing 
 Distinction  19th  25/1  20.6L  Michael Kinnane 
 Hugs Dancer  21st  50/1  29.6L  Nick Ryan 
 Franklins Gardens  24th  200/1  PU  Darryll Holland 
2004  Vinnie Roe  2nd  5/1  1.3L  Patrick Smullen 
 Hugs Dancer  5th  16/1  5.6L  Greg Childs 
 Distinction  6th  12/1  7.4L  Darren Beadman 
 Mamool  7th  25/1  7.5L  Frankie Dettori 
 Razkallen  9th  40/1  9.9L  Kerrin McEvoy 
 Media Puzzle  12th  20/1  15.766  Damien Oliver 
2003  Jardine's Lookout  3rd  40/1  4.2L  Darryll Holland 
 Hugs Dancer  9th  15/1  8.7L  Dean McKeown 
 Holy Orders  17th  30/1  16.6L  Davy Condon 
 Millstreet  21st  30/1  23.1L  Patrick Payne 
 Mamool  23rd  11/2F  PU  Frankie Dettori 
2002  Media Puzzle  WON  11/2  2.0L  Damien Oliver 
 Beekeeper  3rd  8/1  2.2L  Kerrin McEvoy 
 Vinnie Roe  4th  9/2f  3.9L  Pat Smullen 
 Jardines Lookout  7th  30/1  7.2L  Paddy Payne 
 Dailapour  16th  30/1  15.9L  Michael Kinnane 
 Pugin  18th  15/2  23.9L  Frankie Dettori 
 Hatha Anna  20th  50/1  28.9L  Richard Hills 
 Sandmason  23rd  50/1  41.3L  Stephen Arnold 
2001  Give The Slip  2nd  30/1  0.8L  Richard Hills 
 Persian Punch  3rd  12/1  6.8L  Tom Quinn 
 Marienbard  7th  16/1  8.9L  Frankie Dettori 
 Caitano  13th  50/1  18.2L  John Murtagh 
2000  Artic Owl  5th  14/1  4.9L  David Harrison 
 Enzeli  15th  15/1  25.8L  Greg Hall 
 Lightning Arrow  17th  20/1  36.1L  Frankie Dettori 
 Far Cry  21th  8/1  55.9L  Kevin Darley 
1999  Central Park  2nd  50/1  0.5L  Frankie Dettori 
 Travelmate  5th  9/1  1.0L  David Harrison 
 Yavana's Pace  12th  30/1  7.2L  Richard Hughes 
 Maridpour  20th  66/1  14.6L  Steve Arnold 
1998  Persian Punch  3rd  12/1  0.8L  Rodney Quinn 
 Taufan's Melody  4th  20/1  1.0L  Patrick Payne 
 Yorkshire  5th  33/1  1.1L  Danny Nikolic 
 Faithful Son  7th  13/2  4.4L  Frankie Dettori 
 Darazari  11th  14/1  7.1L  Opie Bosson 
 Sheer Danzig  12th  20/1  7.6L  Damien Oliver 
 Peak Of Perfection  17th  330/1  10.8L  Saimie Jumaat 
 Three Crowns  FTF  125/1  PU  Simon Price 
1997  Harbour Dues  4th  40/1  1.1L  Ray Cochrane 
 Arabian Story  6th  25/1  3.7L  Frankie Dettori 
1996  Grey Shot  7th  25/1  5.3L  Pat Eddery 
 Oscar Schindler  15th  4/1F  8.3L  Michael Kinnane 
 Court Of Honour  20th  25/1  13.3L  Simon Marshall 
1995  Vintage Crop  3rd  8/1  4.3L  Michael Kinnane 
 Double Trigger  18th  7/2F  51.0L  Jason Weaver 
1994  Jeune  WON  16/1  1.8L  Wayne Harris 
 Vintage Crop  7th  5/1F  6.7L  Michael Kinnane 
 River Verdon  20th  80/1  25.0L  John Marshall 
 Clivedon Gail  22th  10/1  33.5L  Willie Carson 
 Quick Ransom  23rd  7/1  33.6L  Brent Thomson 
1993  Vintage Crop  WON  14/1  3.0L  Michael Kinnane 
 Drum Taps  9th  8/1  10.4L  Frankie Dettori 
1992  Val D'Arno  13th  33/1  15.6L  P Johnson 
1991  Ivory Way  5th  6/1  3.5L  Michael Clarke 
 Rasheek  6th  25/1  4.5L  Peter Hutchinson 
 Al Maheb  7th  16/1  4.8L  Darren Gauci 
 Alphabel  16th  40/1  11.3L  Glen Darrington 
 Nayrizi  19th  33/1  14.3L  Greg Hall 
1990  Kingston Rule  WON  7/1EF  1.0L  Darren Beadman 
 Savage Toss  7th  66/1  5.0L  Brian Hibberd 
 Water Boatman  19th  10/1  15.0L  Peter Hutchinson 
1989  Kudz  3rd  50/1  2.4L  Michael Clarke 
 Gopak  12th  16/1  14.0L  Lance O'Sullivan 
1988  Natski  2nd  5/1EF  0.1L  Mick Dittman 
 Shantaroun  13th  10/1  9.5L  Greg Hall 
 Authaal  19th  12/1  14.5L  Brent Thomson 
1987  Rosedale  3rd  5/1F  0.6L  John Marshall 
1986  At Talaq  WON  10/1  0.4L  Michael Clarke 
1984  British  13th  33/1  14.3L  Michael Clarke 
1983  Triumphal March  11th  14/1  9.3L  Brent Thomson 
 Machtvogel  14th  33/1  11.0L  P Jarman 
1982  Triumphal March  15th  15/1  9.0L  Brent Thomson 
1980  Beldale Ball  WON  11/1  1.5L  John Letts 
 Bohemian Grove  21st  10/1    Mick Mallyon 
1978  Panamint  10th  9/1    Roy Higgins 

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