Syndication Offer From Spendthrift Australia

Spendthrift Australia has formed a relationship with Trainer Connections Pty Ltd that will offer a complimentary ASIC regulated Product Disclosure Statement for any foal by a Spendthrift stallion to be syndicated by a trainer.

Trainer Connections is the holder of an Australian Financial Services Licence. The company has met the criteria required to obtain a licence through ASIC after passing stringent conditions.

Trainer Connections offers trainers the ability to use this licence to advertise horses for syndicatation without contravening regulatory restrictions placed on advertising by State Racing Controlling Bodies.

Trainer Connections has available a legally prepared Product Disclosure Statement which is made available to client trainers in order for them to go to the marketplace and publically advertise shares in their horse.

This service can save trainers up to $3000 in the cost of having a PDS prepared.

Trainer Connections will work with the Trainer to sell shares, register the syndicate and ensure that the requirements of the Governing Racing Body in each State are adhered to.

Trainer Connections can also manage the monthly financial affairs of the syndicate on the Trainer’s behalf at no cost to the Trainer.

“Spendthrift is aware of the challenge to trainers when it comes to syndicating horses. It believes that this unique relationship with Trainer Connections is a way of giving back to those trainers who support Spendthrift stallions” said Garry Cuddy, general manager of Spendthrift Australia.

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