2019 World All-Star Jockeys - outline

The World All-Star Jockeys (WASJ) is an international event launched by the JRA and it will be held on 24th & 25th of August 2019.

2018 World All-Star Jockeys.
2018 World All-Star Jockeys. Picture: HKJC

The World All-Star Jockeys (WASJ) is an international event launched by the Japan Racing Association. Formerly called the World Super Jockeys Series since its establishment in 1987, it has welcomed more than 240 top-caliber jockeys from Europe, North America, South America, Oceania and Asia. The event is held in late August at Sapporo Racecourse in Hokkaido.

This year's event welcomes five outstanding jockeys from New Zealand, United States, France, Ireland and Hong Kong in joining two NAR (National Association of Racing; local public racing) jockeys and seven JRA jockeys in their bid for the title. A team competition was added to the regular individual contest in 2015, in which the overseas and NAR jockeys form "Team WAS (World All-Star)" and compete against "Team JRA" to attain the most points as a team.

The first two of the four-race series will be conducted on August 24th (Sat), while the third and fourth will be held the following day.

Saturday, August 24, 2019
Sunday, August 25, 2019

Sapporo Racecourse

Saturday, August 24

10th race  :  2019  World All-Star Jockeys First Leg
     Three-Year-Olds & Up, 2 Wins Class
     turf, 1,200 meters (about 6 furlongs)
11th race  :  2019  World All-Star Jockeys Second Leg
     Three-Year-Olds & Up, 3 Wins Class
     turf, 2,000 meters (about 10 furlongs)

Sunday, August 25
10th race  :  2019  World All-Star Jockeys Third Leg
     Three-Year-Olds & Up, 2 Wins Class
     dirt, 1,700 meters (about 8.5 furlongs)
12th race  :  2019  World All-Star Jockeys Fourth Leg
     Three-Year-Olds & Up, 2 Wins Class
     turf, 1,800 meters (about 9 furlongs)

a.  JRA will invite a total of six overseas jockeys except for when JRA chooses an NAR jockey for his or her   outstanding achievements in addition to the one chosen according to article "b", in which case five overseas   jockeys will be invited.
b.  JRA will choose the NAR jockey and one substitute based on recommendations from the NAR by July 23.
c.  Seven JRA affiliated jockeys obtaining the following status will be chosen in that order. Excluding the Derby   winner, the remaining jockeys will be selected equally from the Eastern (Miho Training Center-based) and   Western (Ritto Training Center-based) district.
 1)  Winning jockey of the 2019 Tokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby)
 2)  2018 JRA Award Most Valuable Jockey winner
 3)  Leading jockeys (from January 1 to July 21), one each from the Eastern and the Western district
 4)  The rest will be chosen according to the most outstanding achievements this season (in the absence of such candidates, participants will be chosen by rankings)
d.  In the following cases, replacements will be chosen from JRA jockeys by rankings.
 ・Overseas or NAR jockey cancelling participation after August 17
 ・JRA jockey cancelling participation after the mounts are drawn

Drawing for Mounts
Wednesday, August 21, at Miho Training Center, Ibaraki Prefecture

Points to Determine Winner (Individual)
The jockey who earns the most points in the four races will be declared the World All-Star Jockeys winner. If a jockey is unable to ride due to scratching or other reasons beyond their control, they will be awarded six points. Any jockey who fails to finish will attain the same points as the last-place finisher in that race. No point is awarded for disqualifications, in which the jockey is at fault.
1st  :  30 points    2nd  :  20 points    3rd  :  15 points    4th  :  12 points    5th  :  10 points
6th  :  8 points    7th  :  6 points    8th  :  4 points    9th  :  2 points    below 10th  :  1 point

Note : In the case of a dead-heat, each dead-heat finisher will receive full points.

a.  The top three jockeys will receive the following awards:
 1st :  ¥ 3 million (about US$ 26,087) & trophy valued at ¥ 300,000 (about US$ 2,609)
 2nd :  ¥ 2 million (about US$ 17,391)
 3rd :  ¥ 1 million (about US$ 08,696)
 Note : US$1 = ¥115
b.  The participants will also form two teams—the overseas and NAR jockeys will compete the JRA jockeys—and   the team with the most points attained in total will be awarded prizes (each team member will earn ¥ 200,000  (about US$ 1,739)). In the occasion of a tie, the team that has more jockeys with higher placings in the races  will be determined as the winner.
*1  The season records of the overseas jockeys are as of July 31 and that of the NAR jockey is as of July 21.
*2  The season records of the JRA jockeys are as of July 21 and include NAR and overseas starts designated by  JRA. However, career records in data and in context cover JRA races only unless otherwise specified.
*3  NAR=National Association of Racing (local public racing)
*4   "Participation in the WASJ" include participations in the World Super Jockeys Series.

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