Pre-Entered Extra-Classified Runners To Compete In The 37th Edition Of Longines Gran Premio Latinoamericano

Looking forward to the 37th edition of our traditional Longines Gran Premio Latinoamericano, OSAF is pleased to disclose the names of the 13 Thoroughbreds whose applications have been received, as pre-entered to compete in the edition to be staged at Hipódromo Nacional de Maroñas on Sunday, 24th of October.

Below, the list of pre-entered runners (in alphabetical order):

1 URU AERO TREM (BRZ) horse 6 Haras Old Friends
2 URU BLANC DE NOIRS (BRZ) horse 4 Coudelaria Esmeralda
3 ARG EMOTION ORPEN (ARG) horse 6 Haras Firmamento
4 URU JUSTICE CAT (URU) horse 4 Stud Tata Martín
5 URU KEEP DOWN (BRZ) horse 5 Stud Nova Gloria & Jarussi
6 URU NAKOM (URU) horse 4 Stud Viejo Ferro
7 URU OLIMPO MT (URU) horse 4 Haras Philipsson
8 URU OLYMPIC HARVARD (BRZ) horse 7 Haras Regina
9 URU PINGO (URU) colt 3 Haras Philipsson
10 URU PLUTO (URU) colt 3 Haras Philipsson
11 URU POWEROFTHEPEOPLE (URU) colt 3 Haras Philipsson


As we have already announced in the previous edition of OSAF News, August 23rd is the due date for ratifying the names of the extra-classified applicants, by means of the pre-entry fee payment.

As established within the Longines Gran Premio Latinoamericano Ground Rules, OSAF Board shall evaluate the applications received in order to select which runners will be meeting face to face on Maroñas track.

The names such appointed extra-classified horses will be made public on September 25th.

For additional information, please contact:
General Manager: Oscar Bertoletti ([email protected])
Executive Secretary: Silvina Koremblit ([email protected])

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