131st Velka Pardubicka

Patrick Mullins has been told to hang on tight in his first ride in this famous race.

He says it has been on his wish list for a long time and the amateur jockey grabbed the chance to partner Kaiserwalzer in the race.  Kaiserwalzer won one of the four trials leading to his entry in the race and in the UK they are on 14/1.

The UK Market has No Time To Lose on top on 7/2, one of the horses trained by Josef Vánja who won the race 8 times as a jockey and has been successful as a trainer.  Erzem 9/2 and Lamborgini 7/1 also did well in the trials.  Last year's winner Hegnus is on 9/1 and Theophilos who won in 2019 is on 10/1.

There are 18 runners competing in this incredible cross country steeplechase over 6900m with 30 jumps that vary in ferocity from Taxis to a couple of tough water jumps, several fences, hedges and other obstacles as the horses make their way through the woods and over the ploughed fields to finally make it into the straight at the end at which stage they are very tired horses and very tired riders.

It's a very popular day out for not just the Czechs but people from all over Europe and the UK.  There's a huge market as well with all sorts of Czech food and drink available.

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