Williams gearing up for second Ukraine trip

Craig Williams and his wife Larysa are collecting funds for a second humanitarian trip to Ukraine.

Jockey : CRAIG WILLIAMS. Picture: Colin Bull / Sportpix

Champion Melbourne jockey Craig Williams and his wife Larysa are planning another visit to war torn Ukraine with medical supplies. 

The couple has set up a page on the jockey's website where donations can be made. 

Earlier this month, the Williams' made a quick trip to the Ukraine to deliver special forces kits, cash and a drone to those in need. 

Larysa still has family living in Ukraine and Williams said it was overwhelming seeing first-hand the devastation of the war. 

The William's hope to raise $100,000 in their bid to get the goods required for their second humanitarian trip abroad. 

Williams said he had had great support from the racing fraternity and hopes to build on it in the next couple of days, saying every dollar raised will be used in aid. 

"I endure the fees," Williams said. 

"This way every dollar raised will go towards getting this aid into their hands and that's why we did not go for a 'Gofundme' page, as a percentage goes to them as well. 

"Everyone who offers their support, we want their email address or their phone number so we can show them exactly where all that money goes. 

"They will also get the gratitude from people a world away going 'oh my god, people care about us in our fight for life'. 

"Our goal is to get to $100,000. We are over half-way in one week, but we still need contributions, small, large, whatever. 

"The more money we can raise, the more aid we can send. 

"It saves people's lives. It is really sad over there at the moment." 

Williams said if the war on Ukraine happens to end before his next trip, organisers will be in contact with those who have donated asking whether they want their money back, or whether it can be used to help rebuild lives. 

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