Kennett to quit as Hawks' AFL president

Hawthorn president Jeff Kennett has confirmed he will bow out of the AFL club at the end of season, ending his second stint in charge of the Hawks.

JEFF KENNETT Picture: Racing and Sports

Jeff Kennett has confirmed he will end his second stint as Hawthorn's president at the end of the AFL season.

The 71-year-old previously led the Hawks from 2005-11, but returned in 2017 after Richard Garvey resigned from the position.

Following the end of his first stint, Kennett changed the club's constitution so that Hawthorn presidents could serve a maximum of two three-year terms.

"I've informed the board, so yes, this will be my last year as president," Kennett told the Herald Sun.

"I never intended to come back but I was asked to by the board because of what had happened with the mess up over the former CEO (Tracey Gaudry) and to re-right the ship.

"I will have done nine years (over two terms) and I only intended ever to do six."

A fierce critic of the AFL, Kennett has no intention of bowing out quietly.

In a letter to Hawthorn members published on the club's website on Wednesday night, Kennett blasted AFL football operations boss Steve Hocking.

"It is also pleasing to see that common sense has prevailed at the AFL and we will not be seeing an 'M' added to the name of the male competition in an effort to differentiate between the men and women's competition," Kennett wrote.

"Another stupid suggestion coming from the AFL."