Cricket Australia's participation figures

Female cricket participation at grassroots level grew in Australia during 2019-20, a summer in which the highlight was arguably the women's Twenty20 World Cup.


*Overall increase of 3.8 per cent in registered participation (709,957) after three years of decline.

*Female participation grew to 76,400. An increase of 11.4 per cent compared to 2018-19.

*In club cricket, CA reported increases in Indigenous participation (up 12.6 per cent), multicultural participation (up 12 per cent) and participation among people living with a disability (up 10.3 per cent).

*School participation (minimum of four sessions) reached more than 1 million (up 10 per cent).

*Indoor cricket participation declined by six per cent. CA claims almost three-quarters of this fall can be attributed to the period between January and April.

*Some 38 per cent of all matches were scored electronically using the MyCricket app.