Green rues loss of big summer golf events

Major champion Hannah Green says the abandonment of the summer's three biggest golf events is hurting the game in Australia.

HANNAH GREEN of Australia.
HANNAH GREEN of Australia. Picture: Kelly Defina/Getty Images

Feeling for her struggling peers, Hannah Green says she'll play an Australian Open for reduced prize money if that's what it takes to have golf's flagship events restored to the 2021 program.

The scratching of the multi-million-dollar men's and women's Australian Open and Australian PGA Championship this summer has left many of the country's brightest talents on JobKeeper to make ends meet.

Some touring pros have even been forced to give up golf entirely because of the coronavirus-forced cancellations.

"I know a lot of guys on the Aussie tour, even if they have a status in Asia, they're on JobKeeper and they're also trying just to find a normal job," Green told AAP before returning home to Perth with a $275,000 cheque for her second-place finishing at the LPGA Tour's season-ending championship in Florida.

"Some of them are fortunate enough that they can work at the golf clubs that they practice and play at, but not everyone has that luxury.

"So they're really in a tough spot.

"It's hard enough playing the Australian tour with half a year of events to play, let alone nothing.

"So, I definitely feel for those guys."

Hence why Australia's most recent major winner is prepared to sacrifice for the chance to play for the big titles again.

"I wish they could host a Vic Open and Oz Open, maybe just not have as big a prize money," Green said.

"It's obviously a huge bummer to not have the Oz Open and Vic Open so I know that the WPGA and PGA are trying to get as many events on as possible."

Green said it's not only Australians but some of the biggest names in women's world golf that are missing out.

"I have heard other players that are pretty sad that they don't have their annual Australia trip," last year's US PGA Championship winner said.

"So, yeah, it's tough. I wish there were more golfers in Australia that wanted to see us play, have us up on TV but hopefully in the near future that that can happen."

Green would even settle for a COVID Open with an asterisk.

"Just to say that even in 2021, with all the struggles that we've had this year, that we can still have an event, I think anyone would play an Australian Open even if it's just an all-Australian field," she said.

"I would be happy to play in that even if there was a $100,000 purse.

"Maybe you wouldn't say that it's a normal win and give yourself status for the next year but still it's an event that you can play.

"But it's good that now the PGA and WPGA are becoming one and trying to get events with with both men and women on site.

"Hopefully there's some good things to come out of COVID but at the moment I think it's hurting our game."