Fever in a spin but happy to land in QLD

West Coast Fever players are set for some major cramming in the next 48 hours after a change to their round-one Super Netball fixture.

STACEY MARINKOVICH. Picture: Ross Swanborough/Getty Images

West Coast Fever coach Stacey Marinkovich says her team are thankful to be playing in Queensland despite having to tear up their round-one plans.

Recent COVID-19 outbreaks in Victoria and NSW have forced Netball Australia to change its fixtures several times.

Up until Wednesday morning, the Fever were preparing themselves for a season-opening showdown with the Giants in Sydney.

But games in NSW have since been abandoned, with the Fever now scheduled to take on the Adelaide Thunderbirds in Queensland on Saturday.

The late fixture switch means Marinkovich and her players will have to cram to prepare for a different opponent - but they are taking it in their stride.

"We believed we were going to Adelaide, then we were going to Sydney, and now we're going to Brisbane," Marinkovich said before her team flew out from Perth on Thursday.

"At the end of the day we knew we were travelling - we just didn't know where.

"I'd be lying if I didn't say that we were all looking to see what was happening in the community (in NSW) and the (coronavirus) numbers, and where we were situated out in Homebush.

"It was probably front of mind. I guess we are pretty comfortable going to Queensland given what's happening in the community in Victoria and NSW.

"So to be able to go there and know we are in a safe environment, we're really grateful."

All eight Super Netball teams will play at least the first six rounds in Queensland, but Marinkovich is hopeful the Fever can host games in Perth after that.

Fever centre Verity Charles is excited to finally get the season underway, but said it was hard to leave Perth.

"Saying goodbye to our partners and family is always tough, not knowing yet just how long it's going to be," Charles said.

"People are probably a bit nervous at the moment with things going on, but we know we're in safe hands with Netball Australia looking after us and sending us to Queensland.

"As a team we're going to stick together and look after each other."

Marinkovich said she would support any player or staff member who decided to return to Perth early.

The Fever are looking to bounce back from a poor 2019 campaign that netted them just two wins and three draws.