City's Jamieson unfazed by villain status

Captain Scott Jamieson isn't fazed by any perception of Melbourne City as the villains of the A-League Men and says there's no complacency at the champions.

SCOTT JAMIESON. Picture: Kai Schwoerer/Getty Images

If Melbourne City are the A-League Men's pantomime villains, it's not a perception that fazes skipper Scott Jamieson.

The reigning champions are the league's most well-resourced club, courtesy of the City Football Group whose majority stakeholder is the Abu Dhabi United Group.

Jamieson conceded City had likely been considered the league's villain "for a while", but it didn't play on his mind.

"(Members of the media talk) about our football club and the owners of this football club and the oil money as such," he said.

"I understand the backing of this football club is well talked about but I also understand the perception this club gets in regards to being treated like spoilt kids, in a way, in the past.

"I don't necessarily focus on what other people think of us, I embrace what we are and who we are and what we're trying to be.

"Whatever people think of us, no issues with that whatsoever.

"What we can do is try and work to get better but also work to improve our club, our members, our fans.

"I don't necessarily look at it as a pantomime, but I am a realist. I do understand what people think of us and what opposition players think of us."

After years without league success, City romped to a premiership-championship double last season but Jamieson wasn't worried about complacency.

"There's still the hunger, there's still the want to get better individually and collectively," he said.

"The view of the football club has changed from the outside rather than the inside.

"Yeah, we hadn't won any titles prior to last year but we always knew that there was pressure from outside the football club because of the whole backing, because of the whole resources and everything like that.

"To be honest, when I played against Melbourne City I wanted to beat them because I always saw them as the spoilt kids.

"So I understand (what) other clubs and other players have always thought of us."

City opened their season by beating Brisbane 2-1 but were unhappy with a lacklustre second half.

Jamieson expected improvement against Adelaide United on Saturday.

"We identified where we let slip with our structure, with our press, with our intensity," he said.

"It was clear for everyone to see when it's on a video and it's in your eyes rather than just being talked about.

"That was good, to be able to see that, where we went wrong and it's about making sure that we don't make the same mistake twice."