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  • Australia

The daughter of Australian representative Winter Olympic speed skaters, Jamie Kah has become a leading rider initially in Adelaide.

She started her apprenticeship in 2011 with the first winner at Clare in 2012. Kah had notched 40 winners within six months and by the end of her first full season (2012/13) she had won the Adelaide Jockeys' Premiership, the first apprentice to do so in almost 20 years.

Taking some time off over the next few years, she returned to Australia after riding work in England for trainers like Sir Michael Stoute and Jeremy Gask.

Having initially struggled on that return, she then set a record for most wins by a female jockey in an Australian season in 2016/17, ending the campaign with 129 wins.

After winning the Adelaide Jockeys' Premiership for a third time in 2017/18, she moved to Melbourne in January 2019, to further her career and landed her first G1 on Harlem in the Australian Cup at Flemington in March.

First Runner 24 Mar 2012
Miss Fabuleux (Aus)  
Streaky Bay (Aus)  |  Mdn Plate
First Win 07 Apr 2012
Magic Tigress (Aus)
Clare (Aus)  |  F&M Mdn Plate
Best Horse :
NATURE STRIP (Timeform Rating 129)
First Group Win (G1):
HARLEM (09 Mar 2019)

JAMIE KAH's Career

Latest Rides

FPDateCourseRunnerDivTypeDistancePM AUD $TrainerTime
3 of 922 Jan 2022M VWAY TO GO PAULA$9.03UFM BM701200m$130,000PHILLIP STOKES1:09.82
9 of 1422 Jan 2022M VGREAT LEVELLER$163U BM841200m$130,000JON O'CONNOR1:08.86
2 of 1022 Jan 2022M VUNANIMOUS$3.53U BM841500m$130,000CIARON MAHER & DAVID EUSTACE1:28.99
5 of 922 Jan 2022M VCOUP DE TONNERRE$5.53U BM702500m$130,000MATT CUMANI2:34.01
1 of 722 Jan 2022M VDAQIANSWEET JUNIOR$2.53U BM1002500m$130,000PHILLIP STOKES2:33.90
2 of 822 Jan 2022M VSUMATRA$5.02 OPEN1200m$130,000JAMES CUMMINGS1:10.66
3 of 1021 Jan 2022FLEMMR MOPPETT$213U NMW1200m$50,000PHILLIP SWEENEY1:10.47
2 of 1221 Jan 2022FLEMCOSMIC RHAPSODY$8.03U BM701000m$50,000MELODY CUNNINGHAM0:57.74
8 of 1221 Jan 2022FLEMHYBRID THEORY$813U CL11000m$50,000K CORSTENS0:58.06
5 of 1121 Jan 2022FLEMFASHION AVENUE$6.03UFM BM641200m$50,000BEN & JD HAYES1:10.49

Trainer Statistics

Last 100 Runners
Trainer NameWinsWin (%)PlacesPlace (%)RidesPM AUD $G1(w)G2(w)G3(w)LR(w)ROI
DANNY O'BRIEN 318.8%868.8%16$343,0500000$1.16
MICK PRICE & MICHAEL KENT JNR 330.0%250.0%10$95,9500000$0.79
CIARON MAHER & DAVID EUSTACE 220.0%240.0%10$177,5000001$0.35
R GRIFFITHS & M DE KOCK 233.3%150.0%6$189,0500010$1.69
PETER MOODY 250.0%2100.0%4$74,6500000$1.47
M J ELLERTON 266.7%066.7%3$102,9000000$2.30
A & S FREEDMAN 112.5%462.5%8$63,4500000$0.41
WILL CLARKEN 150.0%050.0%2$74,7000000$1.25
PHILLIP STOKES 150.0%1100.0%2$83,2000000$1.25
CLAYTON DOUGLAS 00.0%555.6%9$33,2000000-
M & L KAVANAGH 00.0%125.0%4$11,5000000-
GREG EURELL 00.0%266.7%3$7,3000000-
JAMES CUMMINGS 00.0%3100.0%3$41,4000000-
G WATERHOUSE & A BOTT 00.0%00.0%2$5,2000000-
MATT CUMANI 00.0%00.0%2$5,7000000-
Trainer NameWinsWin (%)PlacesPlace (%)RidesPM AUD $G1(w)G2(w)G3(w)LR(w)ROI
JOHN MACMILLAN 9017.9%12141.9%504$1,524,1680001$0.99
TONY MCEVOY 8627.3%9858.4%315$2,619,1900021$0.92
WILL CLARKEN 4726.4%4350.6%178$2,120,9050102$0.92
DARRYL CARRISON 3927.3%3652.4%143$446,5900000$1.05
W F FRANCIS & G KENT 3821.3%4546.6%178$890,0100001$1.17
RYAN BALFOUR 3725.5%4959.3%145$975,2700000$1.08
MATHEW ELLERTON & SIMON ZAHRA 2916.7%4944.8%174$2,394,8020111$0.90
D & B HAYES & T DABERNIG 2613.2%5239.6%197$2,674,5101100$0.70
MICK PRICE & MICHAEL KENT JNR 2626.3%2753.5%99$1,569,2120002$0.98
DAVID JOLLY 2515.5%4342.2%161$560,8480000$0.62
ANDREW NOBLET 2323.2%1942.4%99$1,153,5550010$1.07
A & S FREEDMAN 2227.2%2254.3%81$1,567,8150112$1.08
GORDON RICHARDS 2119.8%3048.1%106$635,4500000$0.99
GRANT YOUNG 1919.2%2948.5%99$448,6900000$1.02
CIARON MAHER & DAVID EUSTACE 1919.2%2140.4%99$2,035,6990132$0.59

Seasons Summary Statistics

SeasonWinsWin (%)PlacesPlace (%)RidesPM AUD $G1(w)G2(w)G3(w)LR(w)ROI