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Tony Gollan took out his training license at the age of 20 with a small stable at Toowoomba.

Just two years later, Gollan moved to Brisbane and then the Gold Coast for a short time before moving back to Toowoomba to work alongside his father Darryl Gollan.

Gaining plenty of knowledge over the following 12 months, Gollan started out again in 2003 and was given a mare to train by the name of Temple Spirit who went on to win eight races for the stable.

In the following years, it was the mares offspring that really launched his career with Temple Of Boom and Spirit Of Boom winning a combined 20 races and over $4 million in prizemoney.

Gollan claimed his first Group 1 success with Temple Of Boom in the 2012 The Galaxy going on to win his first Queensland Metroplitan Trainers Premiership in 2013/14 season.

In the 2014/15 season Gollan set a new metropolitan benchmark in Queensland training 79 metro winners for the season to break the long standing record over Bruce McLauchlan.

First Runner 31 Jul 1999
Nova Serrure (Aus)  
Toowoomba (Aus)  |  Class 4 Handicap
First Win 07 Aug 1999
Nova Serrure (Aus)
Toowoomba (Aus)  |  Class 6 Handicap
Best Horse :
SPIRIT OF BOOM (Timeform Rating 120)
First Group Win (G1):
TEMPLE OF BOOM (21 Apr 2012)


Latest Runners

FPDateCourseRunnerDivTypeDistancePM AUD $JockeyTime
3 of 928 Jul 2021DOOMLETHAL WARNING$6.03 OPEN2060m$35,000JAKE BAYLISS2:09.22
1 of 1024 Jul 2021DOOMREALLY DISCREET$2.8FM CL61350m$75,000RYAN MALONEY1:21.29
6 of 1324 Jul 2021DOOMBIG BAD BRUCE$17BM721200m$55,000RYAN MALONEY1:11.67
3 of 1224 Jul 2021GCSTSHOSHA$3.5MDN1400m$22,000JAG GUTHMANN-CHESTER1:23.28
2 of 924 Jul 2021DOOMMIAMI FLEISS$2.33 OPEN1050m$75,000GEORGINA CARTWRIGHT1:01.77
6 of 724 Jul 2021DOOMTHE ACTUARY$313 OPEN1615m$75,000GEORGINA CARTWRIGHT1:39.65
3 of 824 Jul 2021DOOMTAVION PRINCE$4.5OPEN2020m$75,000RYAN MALONEY2:08.69
2 of 823 Jul 2021IPSWCORVO$1.5CL11666m$25,000JIM BYRNE1:41.91
4 of 823 Jul 2021IPSWDIVULGE$5.5CL11666m$25,000RYAN MALONEY1:41.91
3 of 922 Jul 2021BLNAAGENT NINETY NINE$3.8MDN1590m$24,000JAKE BAYLISS1:42.02

Jockey Statistics

Jockey NameWinsWin (%)PlacesPlace (%)RunnersPM AUD $G1(w)G2(w)G3(w)LR(w)ROI
JIM BYRNE 21817.3%35445.4%1260$10,184,67500118$0.82
SKYE BOGEN-HUBER 12718.8%16943.9%674$1,414,0500000$0.80
BAYLEE NOTHDURFT 10723.1%11948.7%464$3,892,8250004$0.99
MS T HARRISON 9215.0%16241.4%613$3,884,9150116$0.94
KRISTY BANKS 8715.7%13139.4%554$1,025,1250000$0.63
BRAD STEWART 7721.0%10248.9%366$3,117,5600013$0.88
ALANNAH FANCOURT 6413.8%12540.6%465$1,619,4800000$0.54
R FRADD 5616.8%9344.6%334$2,150,9000013$0.82
RYAN MALONEY 4924.4%6154.7%201$2,861,1000004$1.19
MATTHEW MC GILLIVRAY 3211.5%7237.4%278$1,505,4700003$0.79
MICHAEL CAHILL 2713.8%4637.2%196$863,4000000$0.64
TIMOTHY BELL 2518.4%4551.5%136$1,052,2500000$0.82
MICHAEL RODD 2320.7%2543.2%111$2,709,2502011$0.94
RICK MCMAHON 2216.9%3543.8%130$739,5750001$0.67
LARRY CASSIDY 2111.4%3329.3%184$989,1000000$0.71

Seasons Summary Statistics

SeasonWinsWin (%)PlacesPlace (%)RunnersPM AUD $G1(w)G2(w)G3(w)LR(w)ROI