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Timeform Ratings - 2yo

Rank Horse PR TFE
1 CASTELVECCHIO 2C Dundeel (NZ)-St. Therese (AUS)
$1,591,700 121
MICROPHONE 2C Exceed And Excel (AUS)-Sung (AUS)
$1,474,100 121
3 KIAMICHI 2F Sidestep (AUS)-Ouachita (AUS)
$2,301,800 118 +
4 BELLEVUE HILL 2C Pierro (AUS)-Bellevue Girl (AUS)
(Exceed And Excel (AUS)) G WATERHOUSE & A BOTT
$168,200 116
BIVOUAC 2C Exceed And Excel (AUS)-Dazzler (AUS)
(More Than Ready (USA)) JAMES CUMMINGS
$227,700 116
COSMIC FORCE 2C Deep Field (AUS)-Little Zeta (AUS)
(Commands (AUS)) P & P SNOWDEN
$222,400 116
YES YES YES 2C Rubick (AUS)-Sin Sin Sin (AUS)
(Fantastic Light (USA)) CHRIS WALLER
$350,700 116
8 LOVING GABY 2F I Am Invincible (AUS)-Maastricht (NZ)
(Mastercraftsman (IRE)) C MAHER & D EUSTACE
$580,700 115
9 FREE OF DEBT 2C Unencumbered (AUS)-Stagerush (AUS)
(Giant's Causeway (USA)) CHRIS BIEG
$231,200 114
KUBRICK 2C Shooting To Win (AUS)-Alcatraz (AUS)
(Fastnet Rock (AUS)) CHRIS WALLER
$185,200 114
LYRE 2F Lonhro (AUS)-Erato (AUS)
$1,359,000 114
PRINCE FAWAZ 2C Fastnet Rock (AUS)-Lady Paget (AUS)
$435,400 114
TENLEY 2F Medaglia D'Oro (USA)-Fratianne (AUS)
$279,200 114
TIME TO REIGN 2C Time For War (AUS)-Courgette (AUS)
(Charge Forward (AUS)) GARY PORTELLI
$378,700 114
01 Aug 2018 to 18 Jun 2019
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Timeform Ratings symbols and abbreviations
The following symbols are used with (or sometimes in place of) Timeform Ratings.
p commonly referred to as a small 'p'; the horse is likely to improve
P commonly referred to as a large 'P'; the horse is capable of much better
+ the horse may be better than rated
? the rating is suspect or (used alone) the horse is out of form or cannot be assessed with confidence
§ the 'Timeform squiggle'; the horse is unreliable (for temperamental or other reasons)
§§ the 'double squiggle'; the horse is so unsatisfactory as to be not worth a rating
x a poor jumper
xx so bad a jumper as to be not worth a rating